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Pet Esthé Spa Mud General Shampoo 350mL

RM 139.00

Because it contains the same ultra-hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients (with the same proteins as those found in the fur) as shampoo designed for use with puppies, Pet Esthé Spa Mud General Shampoo can be used on dogs of all breeds and all ages from puppies to adults. This is a professional-use shampoo containing a well-balanced blend of mud ingredients from various regions of the world that effectively absorbs waste material and dirt trapped in the pores of the skin, cleansing the skin and leaving the coat lustrous and clean.

Moisture-retaining ingredients:

Mud from various regions of the world, Dead Sea salt, propolis extracted from beehives, watercress extract, burdock root extract, Saponaria extract, ivy extract, sage extract, lemon extract.

Concentrated formula, suggest to dilute shampoo with water on ratio 1:8.