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Pet Esthé Fuyodei (Mud) - Natural Mud for Coat & Skin

RM 177.00

A professional-use product developed by scientifically blending mud ingredients produced in various regions of the world with sea mud and seaweed extract ingredients, and designed to maintain healthy pet skin and coats. This product provides a thalassotherapy effect when massaged into the skin and coat, giving them a moist and smooth finish.

Ingredients: Sea mud, seaweed extract, mud from 3 countries, jojoba oil, squalane, wheat germ oil, soybean PPT (hydrolyzed soybean protein), a mixture of vegetable extracts (Clematis extract, watercress extract, Filipendula extract, horsetail extract, ivy extract, burdock root extract, sage extract, Saponaria extract, lemon extract).